Coach: Carl Stovall

Carl Stovall

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer.

Hi y’all!  I’m Carl Stovall, a trainer at CrossFit SPT.

I have been a multi-sport athlete my whole life, which led me to a college career in track and field doing the decathlon at Tarleton.  

My wife, Nikki, and I got married in 2005 and we have 3 kids Ryne, Carly, and Tori. All three kids have grown up playing sports and I have been fortunate to coach a few of their teams. It is a great thing to see the life lessons that were instilled in me from sports as a kid, being instilled in my kids.

My personal fitness has always been important to me, but once I got out of college I struggled to stick with any particular method of training.  I jumped around between running distance events, triathlons, and lifting some weights here and there.

In 2018, I agreed to go into a local CrossFit gym with a friend who wanted to try it out. I walked into CrossFit SPT and signed up for their On Ramp course that night. I fell in love with the daily challenge of just getting through a workout.  After seeing rapid improvement in my fitness, strength, and general well-being, I was hooked and just couldn’t get enough.

I show up daily to beat the person I was yesterday. I love competing at local and higher level competitions, to test my fitness against the best. I am one of few people who played collegiate sports who can talk about my “Glory Days” and be in better shape now than I was then. / still feel like I am in my Glory Days. 

In 2019, I completed the CrossFit Level 1 training and began coaching classes at SPT.  It brings me great joy to assist our members in achieving their goals. Establishing what the goal is, watching them put in the work, them trusting me, and ultimately achieving their goal is just awesome! No matter what level we are at, we all have goals, we all push each other, and we all do the work together at CrossFit SPT.


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