Workout of the Day

Monday 8/28/17

Barbell Cycling:

EMOM 10:00
even-7 BFB
odd-8-12 hang power clean
Rx+ 135/95
Rx 115/75


“Run Row”
For Time
3 Rounds
400m run
500m row

Friday 8/25/2017

If you are competing tomorrow in Home Grown Showdown, it will be Open Gym during our class time.  You can roll out, stretch, mobilize, run, bike, row, or whatever you need for active recovery.

If you aren’t competing, you can do any of the 3 workouts from the competition tomorrow!

WOD 1: Balls to the Wall
1 attempt at max rep wall balls

WOD 2: Barbara Gone Bad
2 rounds of:
1 minute of Kettle bell swings
1 minute of Push Ups (hand release)
1 minute of Straight leg sit ups
1 minute of Air squats
1 minute of *Movement will be drawn from hat day of
1 minute Rest

*Movements in the hat:
Row for calories
Box Jumps
Sumo Deadlift high pull

Scoring: 1 point per rep completed

WOD 3: 1 Rep Max Deadlift

Thursday 8/24/17

Warm up-

Mile Run


HS work


“90 to Nothin”

Partner 9:00 AMRAP

16 Cal Row

8 C&J 135/95  95/65

*Partners alternate every :90

Wednesday 8/23/17


Muscle Up work


“Lieutenant Dan”  

16:00 Cut off

100 DU Buy in


40 WB 20/14#

60 Box Step Ups 24/20″

40 WB 



A good strategy for today would be to break everything into 1/3 or 1/4 for the first half of the workout.  Even if you can do more than 25 DU unbroken it may not be worth the elevated heart rate and shoulder fatigue before heading to CTB.  There is very little reward for doing big sets on CTB.  Quick sets with a couple of breaths in between will serve you well.  Break your wall balls before you feel like you have to, and manage your rest time. Remember what feels like 5 seconds of rest is really 15 seconds.  Keep a steady pace and try and catch your breath on the box step ups.  Shake your arms out while your stepping to help with the lactic acid buildup.  Once you get to the back half of the work out empty the tank.  You will still want to take quick breaks, but this is where you push your limits and test your mental toughness.  It wouldn’t be any fun if it was easy.

Tuesday 8/22/17


Power snatch +OHS + Squat Snatch

OTM 3 rounds:

On the 0:00… 66% of 1RM Squat Snatch

On the 1:00… 71% of 1RM Squat Snatch

On the 2:00… 76% of 1RM Squat Snatch

On the 3:00… Rest

This sequence repeats a total of (3) times.
Round #2 complexes are completed on the 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00.
Round #3 complexes are completed on the 8:00, 9:00, and 10:00.

“Push Pull”

AMRAP 14:00

4 STOH 135/95 RX +165/115

8 Burpee Over Bar

16 DB Snatch 50/35#

Methodical is the best strategy for today.  Your heart rate will be elevated rather quickly so keeping it in under control early will be very beneficial.   The goal for STOH should be to do all 4 unbroken every round.  That being said if you are breathing hard and your shoulders are feeling like jello, take a moment to gather yourself before picking up the bar.  Burpees need to be at a steady pace.  Taking them to fast or at a reckless pace will more than likely result in you resting too much on the other movements.  DB snatch is at a steady pace that you can maintain.  Taking a few breaks is a good idea to ensure your shoulders are ready for STOH.  Be sure to bend our knees or your lower back will pay the price.  As in most workouts smooth is fast and fast is smooth.

Monday 8/21/17


This weekends Home Grown In House Competition has been changed to just Saturday morning (8/26) at 8am!

Come work out, judge, cheer, and hang out!


Back Squat


For Time
21 KB swings 70/53
3 Rounds Cindy
15 KB swings
2 Rounds Cindy
9 KB swings
1 Round Cindy

1 Round Cindy=5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 squats

Today’s workout is a good test for shoulder stamina. The middle round will start to separate athletes. Holding on to the KB too long could have a compounding negative effect on the rest of the workout. Since you’re working with a heavier KB today it might be wise to take a quick break in the first couple of rounds. The place to catch your breath is on air squats. A good pacing strategy might be Rd. 1 85%, Rd. 2 90-95%, and Rd. 3 100% empty the tank.


Friday 8/18/17


Every :90 for 6 sets
1 Split Jerk


“Hangin with BJ”

For Time

40 Box Jump 24/20″ 15:00
20 Hang Power Clean 135/95
100yd Farmer Carry w/plates 45’s/25’s
20 Hang Power Clean 135/95
40 Box Jump 24/20″

*Farmer carry by putting your fingers in the weights you used for hang cleans

(17:00 cap)

Strategy for this workout is keeping our heartrate under control and conserving our grip. Keep a steady methodical pace on BJ. Stepping may be the best option for most and often times proves faster than jumping. Break your hang cleans early and you’ll be glad you did during the farmers carry and last set of hang cleans. The last set of hang cleans are about just getting them done. You won’t need your grip anymore for the last set of BJ. Stepping your last set of BJ is a good idea so you can hold a steady pace and protect your shins.



Wednesday 8/16/2017


4×4 @ 80%



12:00 AMRAP
12 deadlift
6 front squats
*deadlift and front squat is 65% of 1 rep squat clean
*front squats are from the ground
*squat clean is allowed


Break deadlifts early (5/4/3) to conserve your grip for TTB. Breaking your TTB early (5/4, 4/3/2) starting at round 1 would be a good idea as well because your midline and forearms will need a break before front squats. Ideally you would squat the first rep of your front squats and not put the bar down until all 6 reps are complete. If you know you are going to need to break your front squats do it early as this will be where most of the time and energy will be spent. Unless you’re in the last 1:00 don’t push the front squats to the point of failure as expending this much effort on a no rep early in the workout will be very costly.

Tuesday 8/15/17

Warm Up:

4 Rounds
200m run
x double unders (athlete chooses)


“Train Tracks”

7:00 AMRAP of C&J’s
*9 Wall Balls 20/14 on the minute starting at 0:00

If your C&J is more than 215/140 use 155/105
If your C&J is less than 215/140 use 135/95
If your C&J is less than 155/105 use 95/65

*score is total # of C&J

*Strategy here is to try and maintain a consistent # of reps or throughout every round. Starting at a conservative pace on C&J is not a bad strategy. Unbroken wall balls and fast singles on C&J is recommended. Working until the :46-:52 second mark will serve you well as you will need a few seconds to transition and take a few breaths before starting wall balls. Rounds 3-6 is the meat of the workout and will be the toughest mentally to maintain your pace. Not starting your wall balls on the minute or breaking them will have a negative effect on your overall production. If you do break your wall balls make it a quick one and get right back to work. The place to recover on this workout is after wall balls and between reps on C&J.


100 abs of choice

Monday 8/14/17


Every 2:00 for 10:00 (5 sets)
1 power snatch+3 OHS
-build each set



3:00 to complete
15 cal row
15 burpee over rower
AMRAP snatches at 40% of 1RM

3:00 rest

3:00 to complete
12 cal row
12 burpee over rower
AMRAP snatches at 60% of 1 RM

3:00 rest

3:00 to complete
9 cal row
9 burpee over rower
AMRAP snatches at 80% of 1 RM

*score is total snatches