Temporarily Suspending Classes

As a follow up from our last email, our number one priority is our SPT family.

As we learn more about COVID-19 we have come to the conclusion that keeping our doors open could negatively impact the health and safety of our members and our surrounding community. After a lot of going back and forth, we are taking precautionary measures and will be suspending our classes and open gym for at least one week. 

This is not a decision based on fear. We understand that for many of us catching COVID-19 wouldn’t be an issue. Our goal in this is to be proactive in doing our part to stop the spread of this virus within our community. We are going to take this week to access any new information that surfaces about COVID-19.

We are not going to just leave you hanging, we will be posting at home workouts to our website every night (can’t get rid of us that easy!😉) Exercise is so crucial for the body and for the immune system, along with fresh air, hydrating well, eating well, getting adequate sleep and staying connected to loved ones! With this being said, we want to stay connected with YOU. We will be active on our Facebook group and posting daily, please stay connected!

We will be temporarily suspending classes beginning tomorrow, Monday, March 16. The gym will be open from 3-5:30pm for anyone who needs to stop by and grab their things for at-home workouts. Please stay posted to our Facebook group and email for any updates, and please spread the word to your fellow gym buddies who aren’t great about checking their email or Facebook!

We have the most supportive and loving community, we have been through so much together. Please know that the decision to suspend classes temporarily is extremely difficult for us. We understand that this will be frustrating to some. In the end, we may look back and say that this wasn’t needed, in fact we hope that it is what we say. We will begin classes again as quickly as we can, promise!

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please send them to or text/call us. This will allow us to tend to each of you directly. 

We love you all so much,

Casie and Shan

CrossFit Open 18.1 this Saturday at SPT!

Details for Saturday!

If you need to be judged, please be to the gym by 8am for a workout and movement briefing.

First heat will go around 8:20, second heat at 8:50, then a final heat (if needed) at 9:20.

Even if you’d like to go in last heat, please be to the gym to help judge and to hear the briefing!

We will have a Saturday morning Open Gym at 7am and class at 10am!!

Workout will post this evening.

**The kids room is ready to go, but we will not have a sitter this weekend

Wednesday 2/21/18

We are starting in our new location today!
1301 Solana Blvd 4109
Westlake, TX 76262

Note-the shower will not be ready until Monday, February 26th!

Class schedule is at bottom of page.
Email with any questions!


15:00 EMOM
minute 1: 6-10 HSPU (open standard)
minute 2: 12 power snatch or muscle snatch 75/55
minute 3: 20-50 double unders
*pick a rep scheme and stick with it


4 x 2:30 rounds with 2:30 rest between rounds

Rounds 1
24/18 calories row/bike
max wall ball shots

Round 2
21/16 calories
max TTB

Round 3
18/14 calories
max TTB

Round 4
15/12 calories
max wall ball

Monday 2/19/18

CrossFit SPT will still be doing business out of CrossFit Cabra for the time being.

Thanks for being patient with us…we are just as excited as you all to get into the new place!!

Please email with any questions.


For Time
25 OHS 135/95
25 burpees
25 front squats 165/115
25 burpees
25 back squats 185/135
25 burpees
-2:00 rest-
4x200m sprint
1:00 rest between sprints

CrossFit Open 2018 at SPT

The CrossFit Open registration is live and we have had several people ask about what the Open will look like for CrossFit SPT in 2018. CrossFit SPT has been in a major limbo since September of 2017, but because of local gyms like CrossFit Cabra (formerly CrossFit 24), CrossFit Impressions, and Grapevine CrossFit our members have still been able to do what they love-CrossFit-and we are so grateful for that!  We are so pleased to announce that we have the expectation of being in our Solana location BEFORE the 2018 Open, and we ask that our members sign up on the CrossFit SPT team!

Whether you feel like you’re ready to have your best Open finish yet or maybe you don’t feel like you’re at your best, we ask that you consider doing the Open for the SPT team. The last 6 months have been a wild ride and we are so ready to have everyone united, throwing down just like old times.

We will be doing the Open workouts at SPT differently this year.
The workouts will still be released every Thursday evening, starting February 22nd.
Friday’s workouts will be a time to mobilize, practice specific skills, do an easy test run, etc. for the specific Open workout.
Instead of Friday Night Lights, we will be throwing down on Saturday mornings, starting with an explanation and movement standards for the workout at 8am.
(Did we hear someone say, “Brunch!”?)

*We highly encourage the “One-and-Done” approach for the Open, that is doing each workout one time. The workouts ask a lot of your body (and mental capacity, really!) and it is important to recover properly and be ready for the next week…so go hard and leave nothing in the tank!!

Please reach out to Shannon or Casie if you have any questions about this, or are unable to make a Saturday during the 5 weeks!

What better way to break in the new space than with a huge showing for the CrossFit Open?!

To get signed up, click HERE!

New Class Hours Once in Solana!

We are changing up the schedule just a bit in hopes of giving our peeps some better options for getting their workouts in!
These hours will be effective once we are open in our new location at
1301 Solana Blvd, Westlake (Opening date TBA).

5:30am, 6:30am, 7:30am, 8:30am, Noon, 5:30pm, 6:30pm

Open Gym:
(all equipment will need to be put away by 5:30pm)

Ready to start at CrossFit SPT now?
Please email to discuss options!

Friday 12/15/17

CrossFit SPT Christmas Party TONIGHT starting at 7pm!
1309 Palomino Circle
Bartonville, TX 76226

Meat and alcohol covered, please bring a side, dessert, or appetizer!

***There will not be a 5:30pm class***


Handstand Work
-hanstand holds
-kipping handstand pushups
-handstand walk


3:00 AMRAP
5 strict pull ups
2:00 rest
3:00 AMRAP
10 wall balls
10 TTB
2:00 rest
3:00 AMRAP
calories on the bike

Score=total reps

Thursday 12/14/17

Christmas and Cocktails Girls Night TONIGHT at Jamie Sanchez’s house
1287 Sunshine Lane
Southlake, TX
Bring something funny/used WRAPPED for White Elephant exchange!


Bench Press


3 Rounds
800m run
deadlift 275/205

Friday 10/6/17

World War Fit Information for this Saturday’s Comp
Curtis Culwell Convention Center
4999 Naaman Forest Blvd
Garland, TX 75040
Heat Times:
8:29am 10:00am 11:40am 2:20pm and 4:05pm

**Make sure to wear your green SPT shirt! We have a few extras if you need to purchase one!**
General admission is $20
Parking is $15 so try to carpool!


Double Under Ladder
Choose 1 based on ability


4:00 to complete
3 rounds
12 deadlifts 135/95
9 hang power clean
6 shoulder to over head
in remaining time-max calories on assault bike
-4:00 rest-
4:00 to complete
2 rounds
12 deadlifts 185/125
9 hang power clean
6 shoulder to overhead
in remaining time-max calories on assault bike
-4:00 rest-
4:00 to complete
1 round
12 deadlift 225/155
9 hang power clean
6 shoulder to overhead
in remaining time-max calories on the bike