Friday 8/11/17


Seated DB Press
building to heavy


For Time:
90 kettle bell swings 53/35
60 straight leg sit ups
4,000/2850 ground to over head
135/95=30 reps
165/115=25 reps
205/140=20 reps

15:00 time cap

Thursday 8/10/17





For Time

Option A
4 Rounds
400m run
24 air squats
12 burpee box jump overs

Option B
2 Rounds
800m run
48 air squats
24 burpee box jump overs

Option C
1 Round
1600m run
96 air squats
48 burpee box jump overs

25:00 Cap for all options

Wednesday 8-9-2017

“Bad Gone Fight”

4 RDS for Total # of reps


 Rounds 1 & 2  – 16 Reps/ Cals

 Rounds 3 & 4 –  AMRAP


Rounds 1 & 2 -16 Reps/12 Cals

Rounds 3 & 4- AMRAP

Station 1-WB 20/14#

Station 2- GHD/V-up

Station 3- Calorie Bike

Station 4- OHS 95/65

Station 5- Calorie Row

Station 6- Rest

Everyone will start at Station 1 and continue in order.  You will have a maximum of :45 to work with :15 to move and get set for the next station. Everyone’s work time will begin on the minute and end    when the clock reads X:45.  If you are slow transitioning or need rest you do not get extra time.  If you complete the required reps/cals in Rounds 1 & 2 before :45 you can rest until the next minute. 

* Record your total reps at the end of each full round.  

  • If you do not complete the required reps or calories on rounds 1 and/or 2 you owe the difference in burpees on your rest minute. 

Tuesday 8/8/2017


Kipping HSPU

OTM 9:00

Min 1: 40%

Min 2: 35%

Min 3: 30%

Based off max effort unbroken kipping HSPU

“Double D’s”

5 rounds for time (12:00)

15 DB Snatch 50/35

30 DU

*This isn’t an all-out sprint, but pretty close.  Keep the DB moving at a methodical pace and compose yourself on the DU.  DU is where the time will be gained or lost on this workout.  A workout that has this many rounds will require discipline early.  Rounds 4 and 5 are where you need to be pushing at 100%.

Monday 8-7-2017


Back Squat 

15 Rep test.  This will be the third and final 15 rep test.

“Buns of Steel”

10 minute AMRAP

9 Thrusters 95/65

8 Lunges 95/65


Strategy- Break the thrusters early and try and do the lunges unbroken.  Manage your TTB, break them before you have to, and save them for the last few minutes.  All the time you gained early in the workout will be lost if you are staring up at the bar and struggling for reps.  Quick singles is definitely an option.

Saturday 8/5/17

DFW Surf Stand Up Paddle Board
1999 Farris Branch Drive
Grapevine, TX 76051

We will be there 12-3pm!
Feel free to bring coolers
No glass is allowed

Please bring $15 to cover SUP fee

AMRAP 18:00
Teams of 3
50m farmers carry 53/35
100m plate carry 45/25
200m run

When partner clears the wreckage run, the next partner can start.

Friday 8/4/17

Push Jerk
3×3 @ 70%

Push Press
3×3 @ 75%

“Balls of Fire”
3 Rounds (15:00 Cap)
50 Wall Balls 20/14
15 Over Box Burpee 24/20

score is time or total reps completed

The Faces of SPT-Hady Aghili

What is your CrossFit SPT testimony?

 I have witnessed the birth of CrossFit SPT from day one. At first I was a little skeptical to try it but I have seen how much coaching Mrs. Shannon has put in to it. I tried it out and fell in love with the sport.

What is your greatest memory at CF SPT?

I still can’t believe that I signed up and participated in 2016 Open Games.

What is your purpose when you are in the middle of a tough workout?

 I am eager to achieve and pass my limitations!

What is one of the biggest misconceptions of CrossFit in your opinion?

People always think that CrossFit is too tough and they can’t do it. In my opinion, there is no limit on what you can do regardless of your age and shape with the right coaching and training.




Thursday 8/3/17

Recovery (But For Time…:) )
Buy In: 800m run

Then 4 Rounds
25 SL sit-ups
10 Good Mornings 45/35
5 ring Dips

Cash Out: 800m Run

Wednesday 8/2/17

OTM 0:00-4:00
1 hang power clean + 1 power clean
0:00-50% of 1RM Clean
OTM 5:00-9:00
1 power clean building to a heavy single for the day

In 2:00 row 20/15 cal and max effort on gymnastics movement posted for that round
Round 1- MU/CTB
Round 2- HSPU
Round 3- CTB/PU
Round 4- Pistol
Round 5- TTB
Rest 2:00 between each round