The Faces of SPT-Robyn Frascella

Who is Robyn Frascella?

I am a chef by trade with a background in nutrition. I am incredibly lucky that I am able to have a job that I love, playing with food all day. Miguel and I have been married for almost 28 years, spending a few of those years in Venezuela where our oldest, Michael, was born. He is now grown and has flown the coop. We still have Daniel at home who is up here at SPT working out when he’s not at basketball.

What is your CrossFit SPT testimony?

Before I started Crossfit, I was running a lot, playing indoor soccer and doing a little yoga to stay fit. What I really wanted was to find a sport that that would help me build more strength and maintain mobility. I was really curious about Crossfit, I had heard great things about it but I wasn’t sure I could do it.

How did you find CrossFit?

Back in the fall of 2015, Daniel was trying out a class at SPT. When it was over, Shannon walked out with him to talk to me about him doing an On Ramp class to learn the fundamentals. I thought, this my chance to try Crossfit too. Shannon’s timing was perfect, I had no chance to chicken out!

What was your first experience like?

When we started that On Ramp class, I had never picked up a barbell in my life and was not super comfortable with even being in a gym. I thought, how do you even use this strange equipment and what the heck is a quad? It was a new challenge but it was empowering at the same time. I loved it from the beginning. Shannon and Casie have been amazing coaches, incredibly patient and inspiring. They are constantly encouraging and pushing me to do my best.

What is your greatest memory at CF SPT?

It’s hard to name just one! Last year’s Murph is a good one. It’s fun to have everyone bring their families up to workout together. It’s a great sense of community. What I have also enjoyed is watching SPT grow. Back when I started, sometimes it was just me and Hadi in the 7am class. It’s been great to meet new people and watch the gym grow so much!

What is your purpose, your “why”, when you are in the middle of a tough workout?

What keeps me going is the thought of how good it will feel when it’s over! Actually, what gets me through is that I refuse to quit. Knowing that it benefits me in so many ways, not only am I physically stronger but mentally too. I have ankylosing spondylitis, an auto immune disease that affects certain joints, my spine and my eyes. As it progresses or when it flares every few months, it can be tough but the great thing about Crossfit is that there is always something I can do. Shannon and Casie are great with helping scale workouts, suggesting alternatives to movements or working to help in open gym. So even if you have an injury or maybe a mobility issue, they can still help you get a challenging workout.

What is one of the biggest misconceptions of CrossFit in your opinion?

This is a great question because I can say personally that I used to think Crossfit was a crazy intense sport that only people with distant Icelandic relatives could do. It is really a sport that anyone can do, regardless of age or ability. All it takes is a positive attitude and a willingness to work.

Thursday 3/30/17

Skill Baseline:
Toes to Bar
1 set unbroken

For Time
30 power clean and jerks 135/95

Wednesday 3/29/17

Strength Baseline:
Squat Clean
1 clean every :90 for 15:00
add weight across
10:30-15:00 should be 90%+

Skill Baseline:
Handstand Push Ups
1 max set unbroken
*strict or kipping

1 ABMAT*Push Up

Conditioning Baseline:
7:00 max burpees

Tuesday 3/28/17

Skill Baseline:
Ring Muscle Up
max reps in 2:00
*don’t need to be unbroken

will be given in class

Skill Baseline:
Double Under
5:00 to establish 1 max set unbroken

Conditioning Baseline:
400m time trial
3x400m run
3:00 rest between effort
**record LAST time

Monday 3/27/17

We have made it through the 2017 Open!!!
We really can’t put into words how proud we are of each and every athlete.
The progress from 2016 to 2017 was impeccable and we can’t wait to see the results after another year of hard work!

This weeks programming is all about BASELINES.

We will be testing different areas of fitness to give us a starting point to build from. The programming might look basic, but we are asking for you to give every single thing you have, every day!
We also ask that you enter your workouts into Zen Planner for us!


Back Squat
1×20 at 50%

Skill Baseline:
Chest to Bar Pull-Up
max set unbroken
CTB with band*kipping pull-up*kipping pull-up with band*strict ring row

Conditioning Baseline:
For Time
1,000m row

17.5 is….

The last Open will have us going out with a BANG! Make sure to come up to the gym at 6pm for Friday Night Lights!

Open Workout 17.5

10 rounds for time of:
9 thrusters, 95 lb.
35 double-unders

For workout requirements and scaled workout click HERE


Thursday 3/23/17


Rope Climbs/CTB Pull Ups


4 Rounds:

8 Hang Power Cleans 95/65


8 Hang Power Cleans


2 Rope Climbs

*Rest 2:00 Between Rounds

The Faces of CrossFit SPT-Maria McIntyre

Who is Maria McIntyre?

I feel like I am a 16 year old living in a 41 year old’s life! I am amazed by life every single day. I have been practicing immigration law since 2003 and have an immigration law practice in Irving. My days are spent translating confusing statutes and laws into common, every day language while cracking a few jokes in the process. In 2014, I decided to become a certified yoga instructor; hence, creating my part-time job. My yoga classes are focused on moving the body with the breath, which hopefully allows one to GET OUT OF THEIR HEAD and just let the body open and strengthen!

What is your CrossFit testimony? How did you find it? What was your first experience like?

I was a sporadic member at a local gym. When my husband decided to make the switch to SPT, I became a sporadic member at SPT. In November 2015, I hastily (and without much thought) signed up for the 1st Annual Fall Brawl with the best partner ever, Lauren Parks… I figured I should probably start regularly attending classes so as to not make a total fool of myself and most importantly, Laruen! In those couple of weeks leading up to the Fall Brawl, Shannon worked with us a lot and made CrossFit less intimidating. I had pretty much never worked with a barbell, always opting for dumbbells. When Shannon explained the body’s form and mechanics while going through the different movements, it actually aligned with much of my yoga training.

What is your greatest memory at CF SPT?

Greatest memories are always cheering people on during the Fall Brawl or Open workouts! You may or may not know who is competing, but the SPT community always comes together to encourage others regardless if they are leading the pack or the last to finish. Seeing someone do well literally brings me to tears!

What is your purpose, your “why”, when you are in the middle of a tough workout?

I grew up playing the oboe and competed regularly at the state and national level. (Yes-I know… super random!) I was very fortunate that I had enough natural ability to do well without much effort. My band director, probably the most influential person in my life to date, PUSHED me hard and often left me in tears. He was literally in my face, yelling that I could do better, but the yelling served to drown out any thoughts in my head which just allowed me to perform. This completely shaped who I am as an adult, as I can still block out those thoughts in my head and “do my thang” when things get tough regardless if it is at court or during a WOD. There is always someone in CrossFit who is (positively) yelling at you/encouraging you to continue. In a weird, demented way, the screams serve as a great comfort and an eerie similarity to my childhood which allow me to find that extra push during tough workout.

What is one of the biggest misconceptions of CrossFit in your opinion?

CrossFit is about fitness and COMMUNITY! It is about pushing yourself to the best of your ability but also pushing your neighbor to the best of theirs. CrossFit is about celebrating accomplishments both big and small regardless whether the accomplishment belongs to you or another.

Wednesday 3/22/17


Snatch Every :90 for 15:00

3 Snatch DL

2 Snatch Pulls

1 Snatch


5 Rounds for time:

400m Run

15 KB SDHP 70/53

Tuesday 3/21/17




For time 15:00 cap

27 Thrusters 95m/65w

50 DU

21 Thrusters

50 DU

15 Thrusters

50 DU

9 Thrusters

50 DU

Midline work:

3 Sets Max Unbroken V-ups