About Us - CrossFit SPT

CrossFit SPT was opened by Shannon (right) in June of 2015 and Casie (left) came on as her business partner in February of 2016.

To be honest, neither one of us knew exactly what we were signing up for when opening a gym, but both of us knew at the end of the day we wanted to make a difference.

We wanted a place for people to come get a great workout with great people. We wanted people to have a place to workout where they felt safe, both physically and emotionally.

Every decision made on a daily basis is made solely on how will it improve CrossFit SPT. It has been that way since day 1.

This is why we give people with CrossFit experience a week trial for free and we do not have membership contracts. We never want someone to feel like they have to be here or they are stuck at a gym that doesn’t feel like home. 

Every gym is going to say that their members are the best, but really, CrossFit SPT is the best group of people. Through all of the ups and downs that life has brought and will continue to bring, we have a group of people to celebrate the great times and mourn in the hard times with.

We are blessed to have a group of coaches that love this gym and will do anything for it. They love our people and go above and beyond to ensure our members are improving and staying safe. Under our coaches supervision, you will learn new skills, find new strength, and discover a whole new level of fit for yourself.

We see CrossFit as something we will do forever. It is not just about today, but tomorrow, next week, next year. 

We are two girls who have had our lives transformed from CrossFit and get to share CrossFit with others 7 days a week. We are Two Girls and a Gym.