Thursday 2/22/18 - CrossFit SPT

Thursday 2/22/18

What an AMAZING day in our new home!
We loved seeing everyone, and hope y’all love the gym!!

Just a reminder to sing up for the Open! We will be having the Open workouts as the class workouts each Friday, if you are not able to come on Saturdays! to sign up!

Clean + Jerk Every 2:00 for 8:00
Start at +-45% and build. This is a complex you should strive to do without letting go of the bar.
1 Clean + 4 Jerk
2 Clean + 3 Jerk
3 Clean + 2 Jerk
4 Clean +1 Jerk
“Gangin Up”
Partner Row  M/M 130, F/F 100, M/F  115 Calories
-Every team will start with 1 red and 1 white poker chip.
-At 3,2,1, Go all teams will start rowing.
-Every 1:30 each team will give away a poker chip to a team of their choosing.
-If your team receives a poker chip or CHIPS you must stop rowing and pay the penalty(s).
-Your team must pay all penalties received before you can resume rowing.
-You may only give away 1 poker chip per minute until the 6:00 mark where your team can give away 2 if you have them.  At the 12:00 you can give away 3 chips.
-You can only give away a poker chip if that penalty has been paid in full.
– You do not have to be done with all penalties in order to give away a poker chip, but you have to be done with all penalties to resume rowing.
-A team may not receive more than 2 penalties PER minute.
-Each team will need to make 2 stacks of chips.  Left is penalties paid and Right is penalties owed.
-Spit the row and penalties however you choose.
*Red Chip= 10 over the rower burpees
*White Chip= 10 KBS 70/53  53/35
-Your team is done when you have completed your calories.
-Make sure you know your calories when paying penalties in case your screen shuts off.  It may be a good idea to note them on the whiteboard.
-15:00 minute time cap.  Score is time finished or calories completed.