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CrossFit Open 2018 at SPT

The CrossFit Open registration is live and we have had several people ask about what the Open will look like for CrossFit SPT in 2018. CrossFit SPT has been in a major limbo since September of 2017, but because of local gyms like CrossFit Cabra (formerly CrossFit 24), CrossFit Impressions, and Grapevine CrossFit our members have still been able to do what they love-CrossFit-and we are so grateful for that!  We are so pleased to announce that we have the expectation of being in our Solana location BEFORE the 2018 Open, and we ask that our members sign up on the CrossFit SPT team!

Whether you feel like you’re ready to have your best Open finish yet or maybe you don’t feel like you’re at your best, we ask that you consider doing the Open for the SPT team. The last 6 months have been a wild ride and we are so ready to have everyone united, throwing down just like old times.

We will be doing the Open workouts at SPT differently this year.
The workouts will still be released every Thursday evening, starting February 22nd.
Friday’s workouts will be a time to mobilize, practice specific skills, do an easy test run, etc. for the specific Open workout.
Instead of Friday Night Lights, we will be throwing down on Saturday mornings, starting with an explanation and movement standards for the workout at 8am.
(Did we hear someone say, “Brunch!”?)

*We highly encourage the “One-and-Done” approach for the Open, that is doing each workout one time. The workouts ask a lot of your body (and mental capacity, really!) and it is important to recover properly and be ready for the next week…so go hard and leave nothing in the tank!!

Please reach out to Shannon or Casie if you have any questions about this, or are unable to make a Saturday during the 5 weeks!

What better way to break in the new space than with a huge showing for the CrossFit Open?!

To get signed up, click HERE!