Friday 8/25/2017 - CrossFit SPT

Friday 8/25/2017

If you are competing tomorrow in Home Grown Showdown, it will be Open Gym during our class time.  You can roll out, stretch, mobilize, run, bike, row, or whatever you need for active recovery.

If you aren’t competing, you can do any of the 3 workouts from the competition tomorrow!

WOD 1: Balls to the Wall
1 attempt at max rep wall balls

WOD 2: Barbara Gone Bad
2 rounds of:
1 minute of Kettle bell swings
1 minute of Push Ups (hand release)
1 minute of Straight leg sit ups
1 minute of Air squats
1 minute of *Movement will be drawn from hat day of
1 minute Rest

*Movements in the hat:
Row for calories
Box Jumps
Sumo Deadlift high pull

Scoring: 1 point per rep completed

WOD 3: 1 Rep Max Deadlift