Wednesday 8/23/17 - CrossFit SPT

Wednesday 8/23/17


Muscle Up work


“Lieutenant Dan”  

16:00 Cut off

100 DU Buy in


40 WB 20/14#

60 Box Step Ups 24/20″

40 WB 



A good strategy for today would be to break everything into 1/3 or 1/4 for the first half of the workout.  Even if you can do more than 25 DU unbroken it may not be worth the elevated heart rate and shoulder fatigue before heading to CTB.  There is very little reward for doing big sets on CTB.  Quick sets with a couple of breaths in between will serve you well.  Break your wall balls before you feel like you have to, and manage your rest time. Remember what feels like 5 seconds of rest is really 15 seconds.  Keep a steady pace and try and catch your breath on the box step ups.  Shake your arms out while your stepping to help with the lactic acid buildup.  Once you get to the back half of the work out empty the tank.  You will still want to take quick breaks, but this is where you push your limits and test your mental toughness.  It wouldn’t be any fun if it was easy.