Friday 8/18/17 - CrossFit SPT

Friday 8/18/17


Every :90 for 6 sets
1 Split Jerk


“Hangin with BJ”

For Time

40 Box Jump 24/20″ 15:00
20 Hang Power Clean 135/95
100yd Farmer Carry w/plates 45’s/25’s
20 Hang Power Clean 135/95
40 Box Jump 24/20″

*Farmer carry by putting your fingers in the weights you used for hang cleans

(17:00 cap)

Strategy for this workout is keeping our heartrate under control and conserving our grip. Keep a steady methodical pace on BJ. Stepping may be the best option for most and often times proves faster than jumping. Break your hang cleans early and you’ll be glad you did during the farmers carry and last set of hang cleans. The last set of hang cleans are about just getting them done. You won’t need your grip anymore for the last set of BJ. Stepping your last set of BJ is a good idea so you can hold a steady pace and protect your shins.