Wednesday 8/16/2017 - CrossFit SPT

Wednesday 8/16/2017


4×4 @ 80%



12:00 AMRAP
12 deadlift
6 front squats
*deadlift and front squat is 65% of 1 rep squat clean
*front squats are from the ground
*squat clean is allowed


Break deadlifts early (5/4/3) to conserve your grip for TTB. Breaking your TTB early (5/4, 4/3/2) starting at round 1 would be a good idea as well because your midline and forearms will need a break before front squats. Ideally you would squat the first rep of your front squats and not put the bar down until all 6 reps are complete. If you know you are going to need to break your front squats do it early as this will be where most of the time and energy will be spent. Unless you’re in the last 1:00 don’t push the front squats to the point of failure as expending this much effort on a no rep early in the workout will be very costly.