Tuesday 8/15/17 - CrossFit SPT

Tuesday 8/15/17

Warm Up:

4 Rounds
200m run
x double unders (athlete chooses)


“Train Tracks”

7:00 AMRAP of C&J’s
*9 Wall Balls 20/14 on the minute starting at 0:00

If your C&J is more than 215/140 use 155/105
If your C&J is less than 215/140 use 135/95
If your C&J is less than 155/105 use 95/65

*score is total # of C&J

*Strategy here is to try and maintain a consistent # of reps or throughout every round. Starting at a conservative pace on C&J is not a bad strategy. Unbroken wall balls and fast singles on C&J is recommended. Working until the :46-:52 second mark will serve you well as you will need a few seconds to transition and take a few breaths before starting wall balls. Rounds 3-6 is the meat of the workout and will be the toughest mentally to maintain your pace. Not starting your wall balls on the minute or breaking them will have a negative effect on your overall production. If you do break your wall balls make it a quick one and get right back to work. The place to recover on this workout is after wall balls and between reps on C&J.


100 abs of choice