Tuesday 8/1/17 - CrossFit SPT

Tuesday 8/1/17


Stand Up Paddle Board
Saturday 12pm-3pm
DFW Surf at Grapevine Lake
Please RSVP on Facebook event page!

SOS Local Back Pack Drive
We will be a drop off location until Friday afternoon
For list of needed supplies click HERE


3 sets
3-5 strict pull ups
5 snatch balance
5 high hang snatch

Squat Snatch ladder
0:00-2:00, 10 x 50-55%
2:00-4:00, 8 x 60-65%
4:00-6:00, 6 x 70-75%
6:00-8:00, 4 x 80-85%
8:00-11:00, 2 x 95-105%
*If you complete the reps within the window you earn extra time, continue to the next weight.
*Whenever you do not complete the reps in the allotted time you are done.