The Faces of SPT- Jenaya Craig - CrossFit SPT

The Faces of SPT- Jenaya Craig

Who is Jenaya Craig?

I was born and raised in Canada.  My husband, two kids and I moved to the U.S. four years ago for my husband to take a new position with his company. We lived in Denver for three years and moved to the Dallas area a year ago.

How did you find SPT? What was your first impression of the gym like?

My neighbor and now friend invited me to try Crossfit SPT.  At first I was quite intimidated because the box is so much smaller then my old one BUT, they have been so welcoming.  I would say my first experience with Crossfit SPT was very positive and both Coach Casie and Shannon were incredibly encouraging because I had taken the summer off to get my kids settled and our new house organized and was a little rusty.  They both helped me get back into the groove quickly with their positive attitudes.  I’ve also made some wonderful new friends at the gym.

What is your greatest memory at SPT?

My greatest memory at CF SPT is getting my kipping pull-ups and my handstand push-ups! I hadn’t been strong enough or had the confidence to do them before so this was very exciting.

What is your “why” during a tough workout?

Somedays… I just want to be able to finish those tough workouts as quickly as possible but, most of the time I want to prove to myself that my body is strong enough to do these challenging workouts.

What do you think is one of the biggest misconceptions of CrossFit?

I think one of the biggest misconceptions of Crossfit is that a person might be too old or too out of shape to begin doing Crossfit.  There are always modifications that can be made for everyone!

Photo Cred:Tiffany Swilley