The Faces of SPT-Chris McIntyre - CrossFit SPT

The Faces of SPT-Chris McIntyre

Who is Chris McIntyre?

Let’s see. Always a hard one to answer. Write something about you. Sounds like an interview question. I’m a husband and puppy dad. Although I love to travel, it’s always best when I get to come home to my family and my bed! I’ve dabbled in a few things over the years like skydiving, skiing (water and snow) and a handful of triathlons. I love basketball but play most sports that have a round or cylindrical object. Due to our hectic schedules, some of the best days are spent at home, with Maria and the puppies! Any trip to the beach is a close second! And always finish the interview with how much you love the company you’re interviewing for… SPT is the best!

What is your CrossFit SPT testimony?

CrossFit found me. We molded together. Maria and I had worked out for years at a local gym… I used to shoot baskets on a goal where SPT now sits! I’d always looked for something more than the traditional gym, a better challenge, something different. When SPT moved in, I gave it a go, and here we are. More than two years later and still going strong. As far as a first experience? I think every day I get to the gym and finish a workout, I feel like it’s my first experience as I lay on the ground in a pile of sweat and agony…

What is your greatest memory at CF SPT?

The number 55… Well, if you’ve done the open, you know what I mean… Due to a back injury, I hadn’t done deadlifts in over 18 years. When I started at SPT, it was one of the things I was hesitant to do them. Shan started me off slow with proper form and light weight. Fast forward to my first Open in 2016. 55 DL, 55 WB, 55 Cal Row, and 55 HSPU? Really, this is what I have to do?? Who does 55 DL? Slowly, but surely, I chipped away… Done! Then came Open 2017… Repeat… But this time I was ready!

What is your “why” when you are in the middle of a tough workout?

Hero WODs are my why! When it gets hard and I begin to doubt my cardio or strength or stamina, I think of what the soldiers went through in their last minutes, hours or days before they took their final breath! Murph anyone??

What is one of the biggest misconceptions of CrossFit in your opinion?

It’s a cult… Let’s face it, everyone’s heard it and everyone has had to explain why it isn’t… It’s a family and you feed off the energy of those supporting you! Not just at SPT, but wherever in the world we travel, we find a CF gym and are welcomed with the same family atmosphere and instruction that we’ve come to expect! The other thing is it’s a young person’s sport! Well, that’s an easy one… Two days a week, Maria’s parents are kicking butt and improving every day at SPT! They embrace the knowledge and skills Casie imparts on them each class! I’ve never seen them so excited about fitness!!

Photo Cred: Tiffany Swilley