Faces of SPT-Oscar Lopez - CrossFit SPT

Faces of SPT-Oscar Lopez

Who is Oscar Lopez?

Just a guy that works hard and plays hard and who decided a long time ago to smile as much as possible through life while treating everyone the way I want to be treated. The more I smile the more others smile too, or at least I hope so.

I have a beautiful daughter, Alexia, who is a freshman in college at Oklahoma State, and a girlfriend (my dog Cheyenne). I run sales for a tool manufacturing company and travel the country promoting our products and visiting my friends (customers). I have been doing the same thing for around 30 years and still learning how to do it better.

What is your CrossFit SPT testimony? How did you find it? What was your first experience like? 

CrossFit SPT has become my extended family. It has brought me improved health, a great number of new friendships that I love, and has helped (and continues to help) guide me through a very rough patch in my life. I am doing movements that I could never dream of doing a few years back. From double-unders to handstand pushups, toes-to-bar, etc. I am also lifting weights that I never thought I would even want to lift. Not many 52 year old guys get to say that they are in the best physical shape of their life! Thanks to SPT, I get to say that.

I was working out at another gym when Shannon started SPT. I was curious but intimidated. I did a couple of classes and I was hooked! The improvements in my weight loss and strength were immediate.

My first experience was interesting. I got to hear Chris Rutledge’s definition of CrossFit and the cult that I was entering. He went on to tell me something with a chicken that sounded more like voodoo or Santeria. Not sure I can share everything here nor that I believed any of it but I am still here, aren’t I?

What is your greatest memory at CF SPT? 

The SPT crew and the competitors at the Fall Brawl observing a moment of silence in memory of my wife, Jane. It was only about 3 weeks after she passed away and it meant a lot to Alexia and I. I will forever remember it, appreciate it, cherish it, and thank them. Gives me chills and brings tears to my eyes even as I answer this. Love my gym family!!!

What is your purpose, your “why”, when you are in the middle of a tough workout?

Trying to  make sure Trish doesn’t lap me…more than once? Actually knowing the health and strength benefits that are coming my way as I am doing the workout. That does not mean that I will stop whining, but I will push hard to finish as quick as I can.

What is one of the biggest misconceptions of CrossFit in your opinion?

That you have to “get in shape” before you start. I have actually heard that from a couple of people that I have invited to SPT. No one is in CrossFit shape until they CrossFit. If you are consistent and continue doing it you will get in shape whether you like it or not.