Tuesday 5/9/17 - CrossFit SPT

Tuesday 5/9/17


Death by Strict Pull Up and Kipping Hand Stand Push Up

Min 1-2 PU
Min 2-2 hspu
Min 3-4 PU
Min 4-4 hspu
Min 5- 6 PU
Min 6-6 hspu
Min 7-8 PU
Min 8-8 hspu

If you fail at one movement, then continue with EMOM of the other movement, adding 2 reps each minute until failure.

*All PU are strict (scale option-band or ring row)
*HSPU are kipping (scale option-DB press. scale up-strict or kipping deficit)


“Fight Gone Bad!”

Three rounds for max reps of:
Wall-ball, 20/14 pound ball, 10ft/9ft target
Sumo deadlift high-pull, 75/55
Box Jump, 20
Push-press, 75/55
Row (Calories)