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Kinstretch Added to Schedule

“All athletes have to perform certain movements to do whatever it is they are trying to do. How well you do that thing depends on how well your body is prepared. That’s where Kinstretch comes in. I’ve trained MLB and NHL players in Kinstretch to help them perform at a higher level, but I’ve also trained Crossfitters, yogis, and high school athletes who are just trying to move better. Kinstretch is for every and all types of athletes, because all athletes are humans. And every human needs to move more and better.” -Dr. Graham.

We are excited to announce that we will be offering Kinstretch classes regularly in 2017 starting Wednesday, February 15th. Our hope is that our athletes, and anyone interested, would utilize this class to create better movement patterns, increase range of motion, and recover better from their everyday workout.

Weekly Schedule:

Wednesdays at 7:30pm
Saturdays at 10:45am

Pricing will be done in packages:

1 Drop-In: $25
5 Sessions: $115 ($10 off)
10 Sessions: $225 (1 Session Free)

To Purchase a Package: