Saturday 2/29/20 - CrossFit SPT

Saturday 2/29/20

Dynamic Duo Death Match is TOMORROW, and CrossFit SPT has 6 teams competing! We would love to have as many as we can show up to support our crew throughout the day!!

Dynamic Duo Death Match Location:
CrossFit DFW
401 South Pearson Lane

Dynamic Duo Death Match Heat Schedule:
#scaleditSPT (Angela Moore and Tracy Roberson)
Heat 1: 8am, 9:46am, 11:23am, 2:55pm
Mack-O Masters (Shawn Mackey and Oscar Lopez)
Heat 4: 8:33am, Heat 5: 10:22am, 12:31pm, 3:39pm
Average Joes (Carl Stovall and Chris Rutledge)
Heat 5: 8:44am, Heat 6: 10:31am, Heat 7: 1:06pm, 4:01pm
WOD Bod (Elizabeth Sparks and Tonya McCrary)
Heat 7: 9:06am, 10:40am, Heat 9: 1:40pm, 4:23pm
The Jerk Wods (David Diaz and Jeremy Garner)
Heat 8: 9:17am, 10:49am, Heat 10: 1:57pm, 4:34pm
2 Peas in a WOD (Maddie Sullivan and Claire McCafferty)
Heat 3 8:22am, 10:04am, Heat 4 12:14pm, 3:28pm

Team Workout
“Partner Murph”
1 Mile Run
100 pull ups
200 push ups
300 air squats
1 Mile Run
Time Cap 30:00
*1 partner working, 1 partner resting
*Must complete movements in order
*Split run and reps